Our Process

A well crafted brand takes time to create. Supporting you every step of the way, our 3D-BRANDING process has proven to get results.


1) Discover

We work with you to understand your business and really get to the core of your issues in order to create meaningful goals and objectives.

2) Design

From identity systems and tone of voice to marketing campaigns and more, this is where the creative juices start to flow. We involve you every step to be sure we are on the right track. Through this process we get to your your fully fledged identity

3) Deliver

Now we have captured your brand essence as a strong and purposeful identity, we  deliver your new brand across your full range of media. From website generation, social media marketing, brochures or external advertising, the list is huge. At the end of this process, you will have a brand to be proud of and one that you know is a perfect for your business.




Your processes


We look at all the touch points the brand interacts with - doing this helps both of us understand what needs achieving. From your buying process to your sales process, advertising and correspondence, all touch points are captured to be sure the brand works on all formats and is able to last well into the future by being highly adaptable.




Do you have a firm idea who your target audience actually is? We review this to be sure the brand speaks to the very people you want to help. There's no point spending money targeting the wrong people. Let's sort that out. 




What is your competition doing? What makes you unique in your industry compared to everybody else? What sets you apart from the competition? Capturing your unique brand personality will help ensure you have a consistent differentiating brand to everyone else 


Strategy and Tactics


We review what short term tactics will help you succeed as well as the long term strategic that keep you at the top of your chosen industry. Whether it is social media interactions or long term strategic campaigns, we seek to understand these at the start to help get your brand to the best starting position




Idea Generation


Once we understand the aims, goals, customers and industry, it is time to get the creative juices flowing and start developing the brand identity. We use all the information brought together in the Discover stage and carve a new identity based on it.




Concepts help fine tune designs and help see it in progress. We continue to keep you involved so we remain on track with meeting your expectations. Visualising the new brand as it develops keeps it fresh and exciting!




We go through a number of revisions to hone down the brand to one concept. Each of the concepts in the previous stage go through a review and, after deciding the best way forward, we narrows the design to a final chosen design.




The big reveal! There are usually many facets to a business and not everyone can be involved in the development of the new brand. It is crucial, however, that the new brand is adopted by everyone to make it a success. The presentation allows us to bring everyone together to enjoy the new proposed brand.






Great - we have agreed your identity! Now it it time to see it come to fruition! From web design and graphic design, see your brand come to life.




Going live with a new brand often changes the fundamental operational business. We are on standby to support the go live process and be sure everyone is ready to accept and champion the new brand. 




A new brand can take time to establish itself and we support after go live to ensure it continues to meet (or exceed!) expectation and provide a solid foundation for the future. 




We will have just been through a lot together, so it's time to take 5 minutes to appreciate the new brand and see it doing it's job of attracting business and making you shine! Well done!


If you have any questions about the 3D Branding process, please get in touch.