Refer a friend and earn rewards!


We put our heart and soul into the projects we run and would love to support more brilliant people like you.


If you refer business to us and if they go ahead with a project such as a rebrand a new website, we will reward YOU with a healthy commission of 10% of the project value. Now THAT is nice!


How it Works

Your referral fee would be paid as soon as your contact signs off their proposal and we receive their deposit payment. This will be paid to you directly via BACS.

If you would like to take advantage of this, please feel free to email us at with details of your referral—we’ll let you know how we get on.


    Terms & Conditions

    1. This referral scheme is valid from 1st September 2018. We reserve the right to cancel the referral scheme at any time without notice. If we decide to cancel the offer, it will be clearly stated on this page of our website.
    2. We will pay the referral fee in two stages - the first payment will be once we have received initial payment for a new project from the new client, the second once the final payment is made
    3. We charge 50% deposit of the total project value for new clients. If we don’t receive this payment then no work will commence on the client’s project and no fee will be paid to you.
    4. If we receive only part of the cost of the new website, we will still pay you part of the referral fee, on pro rata basis.
    5. We will pay the referral fee within 30 days of receiving your payment instructions via BACS.
    6. We will only pay a referral fee in relation to the first project that a new client buys from us. If the customer purchases additional services we will not pay a referral fee for these.
    7. You can refer as many clients as you like and you will receive 10% of our cost for each initial service provided (see 6).
    8. We reserve the right to end this scheme at any time without warning.

    For any queries, please contact us