When is it time to rebrand?

Branding properly is a slow, meticulous process that should not be taken lightly, so we ask the question

When is it time for a rebrand?

At some stage, your business will require a rebrand. Even giants go through subtle changes, usually so slight you hardly notice. But when is it the right time? Rebrand too early and you risk alienating your current customers. Do it too late and risk being forgotten about. Tricky stuff, but here at THAT Branding Company, we can guide you through the process. So, when is it time to rebrand?

You are looking to move on from bad publicity

Something bad happened, and your company is desperately trying to recover what's left of its reputation. To help the process along, a rebrand may be in order - which should probably include a name change. Now, this might sound like you're running and hiding from your problems, but it needn't be that way. A name change is a sign of a fresh identity and the start of something new. You're leaving your old ways (and your questionable past) behind! You're also disassociating your business from any uncomplimentary online articles that might pop up when customers Google you...  

The key is to remain transparent with your audience - be honest about your rebrand and explain why you've chosen this route. You're looking to learn from bad experiences and create a new set of values, ensuring that this catastrophe never happens again.

You're merging with a new company

So you've decided to join forces with another business - that's great! But maybe it's worth considering that this change is so big that your brand will most definitely be affected by it. This isn't just about you, but your team too. Internally, the culture is going to change and it's up to you to lead your employees into a new dynamic and way of working - otherwise, they'll dictate it themselves. A new brand (complete with brand values) will illustrate to your team what this change will look like, and what you expect from them moving forward.

You've outgrown your current brand

You've been blessed with success and business growth, hurrah! Does your current brand reflect your size, power and achievements? If your brand screams start-up but that's definitely not who you are anymore, then it's time for a rebrand. Now that your business is bigger and more established, you probably have a better idea of what your brand looks like and what you stand for, so don't see this as a chore. You'll be able to create a far stronger presence now than you ever could have when you first started out!

Your brand is looking outdated

This is an issue none of us can avoid. Whether you like it or not, what looks cool now is going look dreadful one day. At some point, you will absolutely have to rebrand your business. It's always worth keeping an eye on current trends, and comparing your look to your competitors, but don’t simply follow the crowd - a rebrand should reflect your business, not everyone else’s! If you feel like you're missing  a trick, you probably are, so trust your instincts and throw yourself into the rebranding process. Remember, it doesn't take very long for outdated to evolve into cringe worthy, so try to do it before you reach that very awkward stage.

If you think your company is ready for a rebrand, have a chat with us today.