Be Inspired by your brand

Are you inspired by your brand?

At the very core of branding, lies you and your organisation. In order for your brand to be successful, your entire organisation needs to feel completely in tune with the brand - speak its values, understand it’s aims and support it’s mission. Without understanding the core mission of your organisation, your purpose, your reason for existing, things start to falter.

In Tune

When a brand identity is in harmony with its mission and values, good things happen. A Brand identity should be a reflection of your organisations missions and values and when they align, inspiration happens!

We have been working with a local business woman on her mission and values recently and after presenting the identity back to them, we got this lovely message:

Coming out of a meeting feeling super inspired is the best way to end a week! Thank you to THAT Branding Company for creating an amazing brand identity for me - I can't wait to show everyone!

Be Inspired!

Which got us thinking. How many organisations out there are not inspired by their brand? How many people go to their place of business and give no thought to their brand? How many organisations fail to recognise that without being inspiring to the people within their organisation, their organisation will not be inspiring to the very customers they want to provide for?

Surely it’s time to be inspired every day?

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